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BIG Dandy Pots are an easy and attractive wick watering solution for growing various plants and flowers. Showcase your BIG bloomers with a BIG Dandy Pot. Just as stylish and practical as the Original Dandy Pot and Mini Dandy Pot, BIG Dandy is bigger and better than ever.

BIG Dandy Pots are great for table centerpieces and wide windowsills, apartments, dorms, offices and classrooms. The edges are attractive and scalloped, and the color you choose can accent your room or blossoms. Very strong, yet still light.

Wick Watering
Wick watering is the best way to keep your plants and flowers evenly watered and thriving. The wick goes up through your plant, with the other end hanging down into the water-filled reservoir. As the plant uses the moisture, the wick draws more water up from the roots, almost like a drinking straw.

Many people tend to overwater plants, killing them. Dandy Pots allow you to evenly water your plants without worrying about overwatering. They are also great for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Vacations are no worry with the reservoir filled with water, just fill it up before you go and your plant will stay watered for up to 2 weeks.

Includes one Dandy Pot and watering reservoir, 2 wicks, and instructions for planting your Dandy Pot. The reservoir base is two pieces that snap together and come apart for easy cleaning. There is a hole in the reservoir that allows you to pour more water in without picking the plant up off the reservoir. The hole also allows air flow into the water, avoiding stagnation. Just use one wick at a time. The second wick included with the package is to use when you repot your African violet or other plant. It is best to repot your plants at least once a year to freshen the soil, groom, and perk up your plant.

To plant your Dandy Pot, take one wick and wet it. The wick has to be wet in order to start drawing the water up from the reservoir. Take your plant out of its original pot and plant it directly into the Dandy Pot. Use a wick watering soil mix that has plenty of Perlite for adequate drainage and so the soil is not pulling too much moisture up through the wick. If your pot ever dries out, place it in a shallow bowl of water and let the wick and all the soil get wet again before placing it back on the reservoir.

Made in Florida.

BIG Dandy

Weight: 16 ounces

Opening at the mouth of the pot: 5”
Diameter of top of pot: 8”
Depth of pot: 4”
Diameter of pot base: 4”
Diameter: 8”
Depth: 4”
Holds 34 fluid ounces of water

The whole BIG Dandy Pot (including pot and reservoir) is 6” high.

Dandy Pots come in three sizes and a rainbow of colors for your growing pleasure.

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